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Designed  by Lluís Romero Ventura  @ 2019 Welcome to this small corner of the Universe, located in a small village called Tolva, where you are going to explore new emotions about the astronomy and astrophotography. In fact, Astrotolva is a new concept idea of how to do astronomy in a small village (around 150 population) under controlled light pollutions.   My couple and me have chosen this small village, to build our future sweet home with astro dome included, because of the weather conditions were optims, including the light pollution, where is acceptable to do astrophography. The average luminance of the night sky measured is 21,5 mag/arc2 with new moon, for me aceptable (measured with an SQM Instrument).  Despites of our hobbies, the most important thing for us to have found the peace. Hopefully, our dreams comes true...  Tolva (Tolba in Catalan ribagorzano) is a Spanish municipality of the province of Huesca, in the community of Aragón. At 750 metres altitude, the weather is typical of the pre-Pyrenees. With cold winters and mild summers. It just snows (once or twice a year) and when it does it is limited, never in abundance. The summer weather is particularly mild, which makes it ideal as a summer area.

A new point of view to enjoy the Night Sky